Welcome to “Avicultuur-LED” products.

The best known Dutch system for 12 volt LED lighting in bird cages for many years!

Why buy Avicultuur-LED products?

Because of our hobby in breeding birds in 2011/2012 we started looking for high-quality materials to provide our bird cages with light.  After a lot of testing and comparison, we believe that LED modules or the special 18 mm LED tubes, placed inside the cages and / or aviaries, are the best way to ensure good lighting in LED for birds in aviculture.

Our products are mainly sold to be used in a bird environment, so all materials are selected for that purpose only!  On this website you will find the information needed to realize a good  LED lighting in bird cages.

We deliberately dit not chose for the setup of a web-shop for this website!  As a bird breeder, we would like to give good information on a personal basis.  Every situation is different and it is important to make the best choices in every individual situation.

As a breeder of Serinus species for many years we have succesfully been breeding these species. Partly because of this and becuase of the many contacts with bird breeders, in the Netherlands and abroad, I can give good advice in almost every situation, from our own experience.

What can you expect from our Avicultuur-LED products:

  • good quality LED products specially selected to be used in aviculture
  • a customized installation, tailored to your personal situation
  • easy and no soldering needed, to install our products
  • to be used in the cages and aviasries themselves, to ensure an optimal environment for birds
  • good service and a personal approach

Thanks to the specific characteristics of LED, this technique is perfect to be used in bird cages and aviaries for birds.

  • little heat development
  • energy efficient
  • long lifespan
  • good light output

  • On this website you will only find CE certified products that have proven their quality for years.
  • This site has no webshop, ordering is only possible through e-mail or telephone, check  “Contact” on this web-site.
  • Of course you can also pay a visit; only by appointment.
  • Shipping throughout Europe is possible, outside Europe with a proviso
  • Avicultuur-LED is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands; 62180142.