How to install these products.

The 12 volt Avicultuur-LED products for lighting in bird cages are safe and easy to install, soldering is not needed.  By using only a small screwdriver and pliers, all components can be installed!

  • First we connect the 12 volt transformer to the dimmer, to supply power to the system.
  • The dimmer is the “heart” of the installation and ensures that the lights go “on” and “off” every day at set times.  Our dimming process runs gradually with a ballanced dim curve.  The dimmer comes with a pre-installed dimming programm and an English written manual, that ensures an easy installation and operating of the device.
  • Best to install a main power cable (2.5 mm²) wich is led from one of the channels “out” of the dimmer, to the cages or aviary to be installed.
  • At the end of this cable, two dividers can be connected.
  • With these two “divider clamps” (one for the – wire and one for the + wire) a wire (0.75mm²) can be connected.  This wire is led to each separate cage or flight.
  • At the end of these 0.75mm² wires, a connection can be made to the 0.5mm² LED cable of the modules or tube using a “Jackset”.

In this situation each cage can be switched “on” or “off” separately, simply by loosening or locking the jackset.  Without having an effect on the lights in other cages.

How to calculate the maximum number of modules per channel of the dimmer.

By using the formula; Ampere = Watt / Voltage
So, one 12 volt LED module of 1.2 watt = 0.1Amp.
Each channel “out” of the dimmer can switch 4Amp, that makes 40 LED modules of 1.2 watts per channel.  The total amount of modules that can be connected, depends on the wattage of the 12 volt transformer and the total wattage of the LED modules.

Here is a schematic installation of 6 breeding cages.

Customization with Top quality products, guarantees a good installation