LED Dimmers

Avicultuur-LED dimmer

The TC420 dimmer with corresponding preprogrammed “Avicultuur-LED dimming schedule” has made this device a success number in aviculture for years now!  The dimmer comes standard with a pre-installed “Dimming program”.  By means of the choices made by yourself, you can use it to controll the hours of light, and thereby bring and keep your birds in breeding condition.  You only need to manually select the desired mode by simply pressing a button.  That gives the opportunity to chose the artificial lenght of day and night.  The preprogrammed schedule has a sophisticated curve that virtually dims “up” in the morning and “down” in the evening.  All is pre installed in the dimmer, you do not have to install or download anything yourself!

Save yourself the frustration of writing and programming your own schedule!

With our pre installed program, you have access to 37 different choices with associated “light hours”.  The minimum total amount of light hours is 8, the maximum number is 17 hours.  In steps of at least 15 minutes, you can “build up” the number of hours of light towards the breeding period and “reduce” towards the resting or molting period.  But of course this is also possible in larger steps.

This program can be pre installed with or without “moonlight / night lighting”.  Please indicate your preference when ordering. The dimmer is ready to use!  The English-language “installation and operating manual” make this dimmer easy to use.  However, if you want to write a program yourself with the also included software, this manual will also help you on your way.

 € 59,95 psc
Including extra English written user- and installation manual and preprogrammed software.

Product features:

  • Supply voltage: DC12-24V.
  • Outputs: 5 channels.
  • Max: 4 Ampere output power per channel.
  • Max: 20 Amp total output power.
  • Dimensions: 120MMx69MMx24MM.
  • Gross weight: 205 grams.

What is in the box;

The dimmer, with a build-in clock is the “heart” of your installation.

USB cable:
This allows you to connect the controller to the computer to “upload” a program to the dimmer.

Software CD:
Contains the programming software, manual and user instructions.

English manual written by the manufacturer.
Contains general product information but no instructions for using the software.
Some info from this manual is discussed below, but does not replace the original information.


This dimmer dims by means of Pulse Width Modulation technique (PWM) in combination with 2000Hz the LEDs dim almost infinitely “up and down”.  Due to the high total output power of 20 Ampere, a total of 200 LED modules can be controlled on this dimmer.  The five channels can work simultaneously, but each channel can also switch independently of the other channels. A standard dimming program is installed, so that the dimmer can be connected directly without further installation.  By means of the supplied software, other switching or dimming programs can be written.

How to calculate maximum number of modules per channel:

  • Formula; Ampere = watt / Voltage
  • So one 12 volt LED module of 1.2 watt = 0.1Amp.
  • Each channel of the dimmer can switch 4Amp, so that are 40 LED modules of 1.2 watts per channel.
  • In total, 200 LED modules of 1.2 watt can be connected to the dimmer and 250 LED modules of 0.96 watts!


LED dimmer with remote control:

This remote controllable LED dimmer is controlled by a included remote control. And is very easy to install. Control is easy.  The range of this wireless LED dimmer is 20 meters thanks to the powerful IR signal.  Because each set has a unique frequency, it is possible to use several LED dimmers in the same room, without affecting each other.

 € 14,95 psc

Product features:

  • Supply voltage: DC12-24V.
  • Outputs: 1 channel
  • Max: 8 Amps.
  • Max power at 12 volts; 96 watts.
  • Dimensions: 35MMx57MMx108MM.



LED dimmer with rotation knob:

This surface-mounted LED dimmer is suitable for dimming the Avicultuur-LED 12 volt LED products.  By simply turning the knob the desired light intensity can be found.

 € 8,95

Product features:

  • Supply voltage: DC12-24V.
  • Outputs: 1 channel
  • Max: 8 Amps.
  • Max power at 12 volts; 96 watts.
  • Dimensions: 89MMx59MMx35MM.

Inline cord dimmer with rotary knob:

This inline LED dimmer is suitable for dimming the Avicultuur-LED 12 volt LED products to a maximum of 2Amp / 24 watt.  By simply turning the knob you can reach the desired light intensity. Connection is easy to achieve with the Jackset.

 € 7,95

Product features:

  • Supply voltage: DC12-24V.
  • Outputs: 1 channel
  • Max: 2 Amps.
  • Max power at 12 volts; 24 watts.
  • Dimensions: 61MMx33MMx32MM.

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