LED Modules and Tubes

LED modules and tubes

LED-modules and tubes are excellent to be used for local lighting in birdcages when mounted inside the cages and aviaries.  But unfortunately less suitable for lighting only the breeding room, where the birds in the cages then depend on the light that falls through the bars into the cages.

The big advantage of using Avicultuur-LED modules inside birds cages, is that a good light distribution is guaranteed over the full width of the cages.  By installing our LED modules inside the accommodation, a well-balanced lighting environment can be created.  The modules are waterproof according to IP67 standard.  Because of the construction of the modules on the LED cable, the modules are less attractive as a hiding spot for red mites and other vermin.  In case of an invasion of red mites, these are easily noticed and can therefore be effectively controlled.

But in fact this is more or less the same when fluorescent light or any other kind of light is used and is not  installed inside the cages.  In that situation the birds in the upper cages are in full light, while the lower cages sometimes do not yet get a quarter of the amount of light as the birds in the upper cages.

Avicultuur-LED gives you the choice; LED modules and LED tubes.

Our products are produced in 5500 / 6000K range, which gives the sensation of “clear daylight”, and have no UV or IR radiation.  We do not recommend using other colors of light.

All our LED modules are equipped with double-sided adhesive tape at the rear and can be mounted in both wooden and plastic breeding cages.  There are also small fastening holes with which the modules can be fixed with a small screw or bolt to the ceiling of the cages.

The metal modules are perfect to use in combination with the so-called “Italian” or wire cages.

These metal modules can be mounted on top of each cage and fastened with small tiewraps on the outside of these cages.  The light shines through the bars and lightens the inside without problems.

Our LED tubes can also be easily attached to the bars of the cages with the special clamps.
They can be attached to the inside or outside, as required, in between the bars of the fronts or the top of the cages.

Because of the easy connection with the jacksets, the modules or tubes can stay attached to the cages, when the cages are removed out of the setting for cleaning or other reasons.

Our LED modules; the right choice for every bird accommodation.

5050 SMD LED Modules, 12 volt, IP67.
Available in colour temperature; 5500 / 6000K
 € 1,95 psc
Metall 4pcs SMD5050 / 0,96Watt

 € 2,05 psc
Plastic 4pcs SMD5050 / 1.2Watt

 € 1,90 psc
Plastic 3pcs SMD5050 / 0,72Wat

The aluminum LED tubes (18mm) from Avicultuur-LED are also perfect to be used in a birds environment and available in different sizes; 15/30/50/70/100 cm.  They can be installed with the plastic mounting clamps to the ceiling of the cage.  In this situation they can be easily rotated, so that the perfect angle of illumination in the cage can be reached.  They are also easy removed, if necessary in case of cleaning the cages. Perfect to be used in any type of cage; wood, plastic or bar cages, mounting is no problem thanks to the special clamps.

 € 0,90 per set.
Plastic mounting clamps

Because their round shape and the mounting clamps which ensure that the LED tubes are not directly attached to the ceiling, red mites and other vermin have less hiding options than when rectangular LED strips are used, which are mounted directly, or with just a little gap, to the ceiling.

Starting January 1, 2024, only our “new model” LED Tubes will standard be supplied in an order.
There are only a few LED Tubes of the earlier model left in stock, only in 15-50-70 and 100 cm lengths.
Old model is kept available (as long as supplies last) as a renewal or addition to previously ordered installations.

On the left the “earlier model”, on the right the “2024 model”

Model 2024

5050 SMD LED technology, 12 volt.
Colour; 5500 / 6000K

  • € 4,75  per LED tube of 17 cm, 2.0 watt (0.17Amp);
  • € 7,75  per LED tube of 32 cm, 4.2 watt (0.35Amp);
  • € 12,75 per LED tube of 52 cm, 6.8 watt (0.57Amp);
  • € 17,25 per LED tube of 72 cm, 8.6 watt (0.72Amp);
  • € 24,50 per LED tube of 102 cm, 12.2 watt (1.02Amp).


All our quoted prices per 06-01-2024, including VAT and excluding shipping costs.
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