Other Materials

What further materials are needed for a good installation:

All the products on this page are perfectly suited to build a good LED installation in bird cages without problems, and is easy to use.  Soldering is not needed; only a small screwdriver and a pair of pliers will do the trick!

Jackset, to connect the 0.75mm²  cable to the 0,5 mm² LED cable from the cage or aviary.
 € 1,60 set
As set; Female /male

Divider clamp, to branch the 0.75mm² cables from the 2.5mm² power cable to the cage.

Three channels; € 1,00 psc
Five channels; € 1,10 psc
Eight channels; € 1,20 psc

Junction box, for protecting max. 4 divider clamps
€ 2,10 psc

Various sizes of power cord can be ordered per meter

2×2.5 mm²     € 1,20 p.m.
2×0.75 mm²   € 1,05 p.m.
2×0.5 mm²     € 0,95 p.m.

0.5 mm² connectors, to extend the LED cable between the modules.
€ 0,80 set

Split cable; 1 female / 2 male
 € 2,15

Split cable; 1 female / 4 male
 € 2,65

Extention cable; male/female; 100 cm
 € 2,15

All our quoted prices per 06-01-2024, including VAT and excluding shipping costs.
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