With this combination of a 60 watt LED driver in combination with the well-known Dimmer, completely assembled and installed in a waterproof housing, you have the possibility to mount the entire control of your LED lighting in a safely outside your bird house.
Safe for all weather influences!

This ready-to-use product is ideal to be used in outdoor aviaries and night-accomodation, where you can easily mount the box on the outside.  Adjust the times on the dimmer to the times that suits you best.  This way you have the extra hours of light in the morning and / or evening to still take care of your birds.  Every day the dimmer turns your lights on and off at exactly the set times, with a good gradual dimming.

There is also an option available with “night lighting”. With that option there is also enough light in the night for the birds in case they are startled.

€ 197,50 

What’s in the Box?

  • Weatherproof “Fibox” case
  • 60 watt waterproof LED driver
  • Pre-installed LED dimmer
  • Glass fuse for extra safety
  • 1,5 meter AC-cable with earthed plug

The Dim-PowerBox can be ordered via the“Contact” page.

“PLUG-IN” LED sets

Ideal for smaller (indoor) aviaries or a limited number of breeding cages.  Especially for this purpose, These small sets have been created. They are flexible enough to be precisely tailored to your situation. No concession has been made to the quality!

These sets can be used for (indoor) aviaries or breeding cages.

  • Each set consists of a 24 watt plug-in adapter, combined with exactly the right number of high quality LED modules.
  • A 100 cm long cord with an on / off switch attached to it and a “male jack plug” at the end.

  • A separate “female jack plug” to which the LED cord can easily be attached, depending on the size of your room pillar or breeding cage 2 to 18 metal or plastic LED modules.

  • Set with 2 LED modules; € 21,75 (metal or plastic modules)
  • Set with 3 LED modules; € 23,70 (metal or plastic modules)
  • Set with 4 LED modules; € 25,75 (metal or plastic modules)
  • Set with 5 LED modules; € 27,70 (metal or plastic modules)
  • Set with 7 LED modules; € 31,60 (metal or plastic modules)
  • Set with 8 LED modules; € 33,55 (metal or plastic modules)
  • Set with 10 LED modules; € 37,45 (metal or plastic modules)
  • Set with 12 LED modules; € 41,35 (metal or plastic modules)

These sets can also be equipped with small aluminum LED tubes, prices on request.

All our quoted prices per 016-01-2024, including VAT and excluding shipping costs.
These products can be ordered via the “Contact” page.